Handmade Portraits

  Do You Want to Hire a Freelance Artist to Create Handmade Portraits?

If there is someone you love and want to honor, there is no better way to do that than to have handmade portraits created. Whether it’s for a loved one who has passed away or you just want to add the face of a loved one to the side of your vehicle, I can help you with that task. At Worden Art Studio, I have a history of working on portrait projects of various types. I can use airbrushing to add your face, or the face of someone you love, to a vehicle, canvas or mural. A handmade portrait is special, because it captures a person’s essence in an artistic manner. Anyone can take a photograph, but a handmade portrait has a unique quality that everyone should be able to experience. Call (360) 224-5769 to discuss a custom piece today. You can also email me at scottwordenart@yahoo.com.