Scott Worden

Scott painting on his newest piece!!

Scott resides in the artistic seaside town of Anacortes, Washington. He grew up in Bellingham, Washington just south of the Canadian border.

Anyone who visits the Pacific Northwest finds it impossible to disregard the breathtaking beauty of the scenery, a fact that has inspired the artistic talents of Mr. Worden. "I hope my paintings reveal the incredible beauty of the area to people who have never had the opportunity to see and experience it for themselves."

For over 40 years, and despite a lack of formal art education, Scott Worden has used his creative drive and love of art to teach himself to paint proficiently with oils and acrylics, winning various awards and the respect of fellow artists in his community.

In 2015 Scott moved to Anacortes, Washington 

where he has recently opened a new art business "Worden Art Studio"